Trump records 'strongly corroborate' sex assault claims, accuser says

Trump records 'strongly corroborate' sex assault claims, accuser says

"In particular the Trump Organization has แทงบอลชุด produced copies of Defendant’s calendar entries and itineraries from late 2007 
through early 2008 – the period in which Ms. Zervos reported she met with and was assaulted by Defendant," the court filing states.

One document that Zervos says she got from the แทงบอลโบนัส 100% Trump Organization to support her claims includes itinerary documents 
that show Trump flew from Las Vegas to Los Angeles on Dec. 21, 2007, and stayed at the Beverly Hills Hotel for two 
nights, including when Zervos has alleged Trump "grabbed and sexually assaulted her in his Beverly Hills Hotel bungalow."

Zervos also included a copy of an email that she said was sent to the Fox News tip line with the subject line "Trump hit on me."

"I was on the Apprentice. After the show was completed, Trump invited me to a hotel room under the guise of working 
for him. He had a different agenda. Please contact me to speak further as I have tried to make contact," the email 
stated, according to the court filing.



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